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The “green” movement seems to be growing at an exponential rate, with more consumers taking care when selecting food, clothes, electronics, and other goods for themselves and their families. At times, the amount of information floating around the Internet on everything from Bisphenol-A in in canned food to coal tar in beauty products can be both frightening and overwhelming.

This Is Green is an application filled with facts and tips on addressing all of these concerns and more. The app is a compilation of facts from various sources, including The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices (Michael Brower and Warren Leon) and Clean Energy Common Sense (Frances Beinecke and Bob Deans), laid out in a very accessible format. To get an idea of the kind of information provided, check out the This Is Green, Inc website.

The key to going green is to start small, so as not to be overwhelmed with all of the changes that are possible. After all, every change you make to become more environmentally conscious, no matter how small, is beneficial to your family and the environment. And that is what makes This Is Green so useful – you can start by focusing on one small change, then gradually expand.

This Is Green opens to a detailed floor plan of a basic house, including front and back yard, garage, pool, and patio. You can zoom in and move around the map, touching various rooms and items, all the way down to the fruit on the kitchen counter or the clothes in the bedroom closet. Tap on any item to read a quick fact about its environmental effect, as well as tips on purchasing or improving that particular product.

You can also easily search for tips by category, which include Save Money, Save Energy, Save Water, and more. Each of these is divided into sub-categories. A separate Hazardous section provides you with very specific information on chemicals found in skin care products, food, toys, and electronics. And the Comments section is filled with question and answers from users, which can also be viewed by category.

The tips are genuinely helpful – for example, I’ve heard that certain showerhead fixtures can help cut down on water usage, but I didn’t know what to look for. This Is Green describes the two basic types of low-flow showerheads, what they do, and how to choose one. This kind of attention and detail is given to all products and categories.

For less than a dollar, I think having this info on me at all time is really valuable while shopping for pretty much anything, be it glass cleaner, pillows, lawn chairs, or celery! This Is Green is a great app for those looking to go a little bit greener.

This Is Green requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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  1. Alicia says:

    I got this app last week, and I LOVE IT! There’s a lot of information, but I can “bite-size” it and just browse by category and find what I’m looking for, informative.

    To bad I can’t buy the products right from the app, or that they don’t link to a store of some kind. That would have been great!

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