SmashImpacts Requires a Little Imagination

Price: Free    Score: 5/10    By Daniel BischoffSmashImpacts

SmashImpacts is a playful app from developer Synicwave LTD.  The main drawcard of SmashImpacts is that it takes one of the unique features the iPhone allows for input and lets the user play around with it in a variety of ways.

The app’s objective is to empower the player, letting you get out all of your frustration with some quick “punches”.  As you grapple the iPhone and throw punches (make sure not to let the little device fly!), you’ll make quite the impression on screen.

SmashImpacts first offers up 8 different backgrounds for the user to choose from, including armored glass, wood planks, and brick walls.  Then you can choose from 11 different “power punches,” all of which leave different marks on the background you choose.

The “Sorceress Lightning Wave” zaps a chunk out of the background while the “Blaze Fist” blows a hole in the wall.  All of these punches do different things, but it’s pretty easy to get the idea right away.

What SmashImpacts lacks in real content, it makes up for in your imagination. Obviously, you’ll have to be either really stressed out or a younger player in order to get much from the app, but that being said, kids will get a kick out of the power they wield over the game screen, and if you don’t have a real stress reliever around, you can certainly punch your troubles away.

The sound effects are sparse and the graphics might be a little shallow, but there’s something for the more technical iPhone users out there.  SmashImpacts tracks the motions you make with the iPhone.  These stats include how many hits you make in a session, how many hits you can throw per second, and the speed of each punch you throw (measured in meters per second).

SmashImpacts accomplishes what it sets out to do, but I can’t help but wish it set out do a little bit more. It would be nice if each punch made a more varied impression on the walls, or if each punch did something different to each wall. SmashImpacts could also use some more sounds or even a soundtrack of rockin’ tunes to pump up the energy you’re taking out with the app.

While Synicwave LTD has done a good job with SmashImpacts so far, we hope they’ll add more to the app over time and turn it into a more attractive download for the iPhone.

SmashImpacts is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd Generation).  It requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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