Sky Racer is a Flight Simulator With Potential

Price: $0.99    Score: 8/10    By Sam BillingsworthSky Racer

Flying has always been one of life’s great pleasures. Now, you can get the excitement and fun of piloting your very own light aircraft on your iPhone. Sky Racer, developed by Warelex, offers players a relaxed atmosphere where you can fly around, complete challenges, or just leisurely explore a number of unrestricted environments.

Sky Racer is a one-of-a-kind application in terms of gaming. Unlike many other iPhone games of a similar genre, in Sky Racer you can fly around for hours – with no time limit, “wrong way” signs, or other things bugging you. If you want to stray from the path, go ahead! It’s up to you in this app.

Although Sky Racer is very fun when you originally purchase the app, the novelty does soon wear out. There’s nothing to beat in the game, so there’s not really anything to work towards.  Warelex would be wise to could include some kind of mission-type challenges in the next update, which would give some added depth and longevity to the the game.

On the flip side though, Sky Racer has a lot of great things going for it – it boasts great graphics, a good selection of planes, ranging from gliders to fighter jets, and a great (and I mean great) music selection. If you’re looking for a laid-back flying game, Sky Racer is your app. Even though there could be an improvement in specific challenges to direct the gameplay, I’m still pulling out Sky Racer weeks after I first tried it. Whether you’re stuck in traffic, or waiting at the doctor’s office, you’ll find some quick, easy entertainment with Sky Racer.

Sky Racer is a great app for aviation enthusiasts and fans of flight simulators – with accurate aerodynamics, weather conditions, aircraft handling and performance. If you’re a serious “gamer” who’s looking for action-packed gameplay, you may be dissapointed. Sky Racer’s awesome music, wide open environments, and attractive graphics provide one of the best pure iPhone flying experiences out there. It’s a cheap alternative to X-Plane, and it can be a whole lot of fun.

Sky Racer requires the iPhone OS 2.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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