Pin Up Rounds Shows the Cheeky Side of Puzzle Games

Price: $0.99    Score: 6/10    By Shaun CampbellPin Up Rounds

An app for the “mature” (read 17+) iPhone gamer – Pin Up Rounds from developer Madtown Software puts a little bit of a risqué slant on a familiar memory game.

Pin Up Rounds is kind of like those memory games you used to play in the car on long family roadtrips. They used to begin with a phrase like “I put in my suitcase..” or “I went to the shops and I bought…” and you had to remember a list of objects that gets one object longer with each turn. Well, Pin Up Rounds uses much the same concept – but this time in photo form.

Pin Up Rounds features four frames arranged on the screen in to which photos – probably best described as “flirty” – flash up in one of the four frames for a moment. Each photo is accompanied by a similarly cheeky sound effect – some favorites included “Oh my!”, “You’re trouble!” and “Bad Boy”. It’s all rather amusing. Each photo and sound effect will only last for about a second, before the next flashes up.

Once the sequence has ended you have to try and remember the order in which the photos came up. You simply tap on each of the frames in the order in which the images appeared at the start of the level. Doing so lights up the frame with the photo underneath, but it also plays the sound effect again – which gets a bit annoying, as all the sound files play over the top of one another as you rapidly tap out the sequence.

Still – if you manage to get it right, you move on to the next level, which repeats the whole sequence from the start and adds one more image at the end. Getting to level 10 is reasonably easy, but it really starts to test your memory from then on! If you make a mistake on any level, that’s it, game over! You’re taken to a screen where you can enter your name into a local top 10 scores list.

After each level is completed, the next one will start automatically after a 3-second countdown. You can tap to pause the game during the countdown, but if you need to exit the app and want to come back to the game later – there’s unfortunately no way to actually “save” your progress. You have to start from level 1 again, which is a little frustrating.

Bottom Line: If you like memory games and you like models, then you’re going to like Pin Up Rounds.

Pin Up Rounds requires the iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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