Perfect Balance Leans More Toward Frustration

Price: $0.99    Rating: 4/10    By Anna PapachristosPerfect Balance: Lost Trials Gold

Puzzle games are classic, so when a developer compares their games to the likes of Tetris and Topple, users are sure to have high expectations. However, with Perfect Balance: Lost Trials Gold by ttursas Ltd., these comparisons are something of a stretch.

Described as a physics puzzle – players must rotate and stack various shapes in Perfect Balance, moving the shapes given above the screen’s dotted line down below, making sure none fall off the screen.  Players can move the shapes with one finger while tapping them with another to rotate them before they land.

This third Perfect Balance game boasts about its 30 new and unique levels, but advancing is difficult, hence the frustration.  With some rather mind-boggling puzzles, players should instead be allowed to jump from puzzle to puzzle, solving those they can first, allowing them to aspire to completing and mastering the entire game at their own comfort level and pace.

Another giant turn-off is the way the company demeans the female population when they write “Girls play it, too!” in their app description in the iTunes store.  Implying that girls do not traditionally play puzzle games is angering as it indicates that the developer thinks such thought-provoking and challenging games are not popular amongst women and girls.

Perfect Balance: Lost Trials Gold is a paid version of their free edition, which is promised to receive updates before the free version.  ttursas Ltd. offers a paid version for those who want to support the company and make their future games possible.  However, all Perfect Balance games are available for free.

Released at the beginning of 2009 as a Flash 9 game, Perfect Balance claims to have attracted over 7 million players.  However, ttursas Ltd. does not offer any links to these supposedly “great reviews” their game has received, but links to video demonstrations on YouTube.  So if you happen to be stuck while testing Pack A, levels 1-3 of Perfect Balance: Lost Trials, click here.  For Pack C, levels 1-3, click here.  These demonstrations should provide useful hints for those who wish to advance to higher levels.

Perfect Balance Lost Trials Gold requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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