Eliminate Frustration and Wasted Time With Park‘n Find

Price: $0.99    Score: 10/10    By Nancy JonesPark'n Find

Have you ever parked in a large parking lot and had trouble finding your car? If like myself, the answer to that question is “yes,” then Park‘n Find, developed by Affinicore, is a definitely worth a look. Using the iPhone’s GPS features, it captures where you parked and provides you with a map and directional arrows to help you along the way. If this was all it had it would be great – but there’s a ton of other great features.

Through Park’n Find, you can use the iPhone camera to capture a photo of the spot – or a photo of the signage around the spot. You can record a voice message and describe what you see and you can add some notes. Some of you are probably saying that if you do all that then couldn’t you remember where you parked? Sometimes the answer is probably yes, but for anyone who leaped out of their car at Disney World, glanced at the signage, went in for a full day of fun and then came out exhausted and happy, but only vaguely sure of where they parked this app will be a blessing. It would also come in really handy at malls and large corporate, hotel or convention parking lots.

Park’n Find allows you to track multiple locations – not just one or two. If you are traveling, you might like to log your location in the airport parking lot and keep track of your rental car. I’ve traveled a number of times, picked up the non-descript white rental car, parked in a giant parking lot, worked all day and then came out – to my horror – to find out that not only was I not sure what my car looked like or where it was, but that it had snowed. If only I had this app then!

As full-featured as this app is, you don’t have to use all the options. If a simple GPS location capture is all you need, then save it and you are good to go. The other features provide you with additional functionality, but you need only use the ones which you’ll find helpful. You can even set push notifications to remind you to feed the parking meter or to move your vehicle if the lot is scheduled to close. You can also save the level, section, row or spot number of your location.

When I tested Park’n Find the mapping was awesome and it brought me to within ten feet of my car.   I have already recommended it to a couple of friends and I expect you’ll have that same reaction. Some apps are just perfect for the iPhone and this is one of them.

Park ‘n Find is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch). Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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  1. I’ve heard of this app on the radio today. Seems like a must-have. Off to download and install it.

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