Stay on Top of Projects with My Measures and Dimensions

Price: $3.99    Score:  8/10    By Sarah ParkerMy Measures & Dimensions

Need a handy way of tracking dimensions for your hobbies, home improvement or work projects? My Measures & Dimensions, developed by SIS Software, is a unique measurement tracking tool that anyone can use for a wide variety of projects.

To begin, the user first loads a photo from the iPhone or iPod Touch library. The photo can be of any object or person you need to track measurements of: your house, a model train, or even your kids. Once a photo is uploaded, the user adds dimension lines to record certain measurements of items or people in the photo. A line with an arrow on each end and a question mark in the middle is shown on your picture. One finger is used to move the arrows wherever you like, while tapping on the middle question mark allows you to enter the dimensions of the area between the arrows.

The measurements can be set in feet, inches, yards, millimeters, centimeters, and meters. You can also choose from 8 different colors for the measurement lines, and the type of line and arrows can be customized as well. You can create a new dimension line by tapping two fingers on the photo, allowing the user to create numerous lines of measurement for just one photo. When you are finished measuring out your photos, you then hit the “Done” icon and the photos are stored within the app. The pictures not only can be exported to the photo library, but they can also be sent anywhere by e-mail. There is no instruction section for this app, per se, but there are tips for use that pop up at the beginning of each session.

My Measurements & Dimensions is an app that is great for anyone who needs to keep track of dimensions. You can use this app for anything from engineering and architecture projects to figuring out how many strings of Christmas lights you will need for your house. You can get as precise or as general as you need with each project. The price does seem a little high, but the app is well designed and very useful.

My Measurements & Dimensions is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 3.0 or later

Note: A lite version of this app is available in the iTunes store for free. In the lite version, the user can only add one dimension per photo and cannot export the picture to the photo library.


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2 Responses to “Stay on Top of Projects with My Measures and Dimensions”

  1. miharebernik says:

    Hey They’ve updated this app a loooong time ago.
    You should too :)

  2. Salvatore says:

    I download this app few days ago and is brilliant but a message comes out some times wen I open it the message said about a bug in the app? and not to connect the phone to iTunes any body as the same problem?
    Wat I have to do?

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