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Attention movie buffs. This is the app for you. Movie Mistakes developed by FunforCell has a database of over 6,000 movies with a listing of more than 80,000 “mistakes”.  Whether you have a sharp eye for errors, or if you happily watch movies and don’t notice anything, Movie Mistakes allows you to confirm the ones you noticed and be surprised by the ones you missed.

You have several options as you search through the database.  The first option is to look at the “featured” section.  This includes all time favorites like Star Wars – 1977 (259 mistakes) and new favorites like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (70 mistakes). Or, you could browse through movies by year or search by name.  You can save mistakes that you consider special in the favorites page.

You soon discover there are all kinds of mistakes made in many popular films.  Some are continuity based – like life jackets appearing and disappearing in Titanic (201 mistakes). Some reference an incorrect time period like In O Brother, Where Art Thou? (17 mistakes), when John Goodman holds a modern day Budweiser bottle, instead on one from the 30’s.  Others are factual, like the song, “You are my Sunshine,” featured in the same movie.  It wasn’t recorded until 1940.  Sometimes you’ll see notes that the directors have acknowledged the errors.

Some movie errors you probably couldn’t spot unless you know specific historical information.  In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (134 mistakes), Hitler signs Indy’s grail diary with his right hand – Hitler was left handed.  However, some you wonder how anyone could have missed – like, in Dave (33 mistakes) when the President supposedly has his second stroke.  He is rushed to the hospital in daylight and, yet he arrives at nighttime.

Popular TV and cable shows appear like, Two and One Half Men (32 mistakes) and Friends (932 mistakes), as well as cable shows like Stargate SG1 (62 mistakes).  The only flaw here is the list includes the year shown, but does not always provide the specific episode title.  If you have a set of the episodes in DVD you would like to be able to find the error quickly.  However, if you are a fan of a series the text in the mistake usually gives you enough information to find the episode.

Whether you love old movies or have a passion for the latest movies, you will find plenty to keep you entertained.  It makes you want to pull out movies and watch them again to find the mistakes.  You can challenge your friends and settle bets.  In the end you’ll learn more about movies and have a great time. Movie Mistakes is just plain fun.

Movie Mistakes is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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