KiddyU is Well Designed, But Needs Some Improvements

Price: $4.99    Score: 7/10    By Sarah ParkerKiddyU

The educational application KiddyU, developed by Permeative Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a beautifully illustrated game app for children. KiddyU has numerous game options that give kids a variety of hands-on learning tools. Although the graphics and the game design are well done, there are some improvements that could be made in the content of the app.

KiddyU has 4 main game options: Spell-it, Time, Paint-It, and Order-It. The Spell-it category is a spelling game where an object is pictured and kids have to spell the name of the object from jumbled letters that are scattered across the screen. There are 9 different types of spelling projects to choose from: Animals, Birds, Body Parts, Colors, Days, Fruits & Vegetables, Months, Shapes, and Vehicles.  The next option is the Time game, where a clock is shown and the user must fill in the correct time using  the given numbers. Paint-it is a paint game where children can simply paint pictures, or color-in any one of 12 animal coloring pages. Any pictures created with Paint-it can be saved to your iPhone’s photo library. The last game is Order-it; the object of this picture game is to assemble the pieces of the puzzle correctly to see the finished picture.

There is a Settings page for KiddyU, but it only allows the user to turn sound effects on and off. KiddyU is rather easy to navigate, so there are no instructions for this app. There is, however, contact information on the “About Us” page of the developer’s website if you need to contact them about the app.

KiddyU is a nice educational application for older children (there is no specified age range, but children should already be able to spell to have fun with this game). I did see some improvements that should be made on the app, however. Some of the words used in the Spell-it game are not common American-English terms and they may be confusing to kids. Examples of these words are: capsicum (bell peppers), brinjal (eggplant), pista (pistachio), and lorry (haul truck). The developer should maintain language consistency in KiddyU, and replace these words with common English terms that children would be familiar with. It would also be nice if there was a consistent Answer option available in every game, as some games have this option, and some do not. Because this app still needs some improvements, the price tag does seem a little high. Overall, KiddyU has beautiful graphics and great educational ideas, but needs some tuning up.

KiddyU is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch; requires OS 2.2 or later.

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