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Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    by Nancy JonesKentucky Football GameDayApp

If you are a University of Kentucky sports fan and want to have all the key game day information readily available to enhance your experience, then Kentucky Football GameDay developed by Singing Bridge, LLC is the app for you!  You’ll find game info, venue info, roster info, player/coach tweets, schedule and links to all the key Kentucky Football websites.

Kentucky Football GameDay gives you all the information you need before and after the game. There is a page devoted to information about the stadium (are your seats near my seats?) with a link to the weather so you will know if you should be bringing your parka, raincoat or sunglasses.

You can read tweets from your favorite players and coaches and see their comments about today’s events and games. Kentucky Football GameDay pulls you into the game. The app provides you with links that are valuable to every Kentucky Football fan. You can quickly jump to the Kentucky Roster, Cats Pause, KSR, A Sea of Blue, WKYT Sports Page, Coach Cal and many more. When you jump to the internet, unfortunately you cannot just hit the back button and get back into the app. It would be nice if you could, but I found that since I spent a significant amount at each site I didn’t really mind.

I tested the app on Halloween as Kentucky was playing Mississippi State. I don’t live in Kentucky, so having this as a tool really made me feel part of the game. Before the game I read the player and coach tweets. There were even a few thrown in there from Coach Calipari. As game time approached, I switched to the KSR website and followed the online blog. When the commentators mentioned the wind on the field I jumped over to weather to see what was going on (49 degrees and only seven I followed the story of our successes and all the controversial plays. I had the scoop on injuries minutes after they happened. That game did not turn out as I hoped, but the app delivered.

Kentucky Football GameDay developers have been involved in sports and it shows. There are three former U.K. basketball players, a Wofford College baseball player, and technical resources that include a Carolina Fan and a former High School Coach and Lexington native (and closet UVA fan). These people know sports.

The bottom line is that Kentucky Football GameDay will appeal to University of Kentucky fans whether they are in Lexington or scattered throughout the world. Go Cats!

Kentucky Football GameDay is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.


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