Just Poppin’ Delivers Simple Fun

Price: $0.99    Score: 8/10    By Sarah ParkerJust Poppin'

There are a variety of iPhone games available to users everywhere, but sometimes the games are just too in depth for some people to enjoy. For anyone who loves uncomplicated pick-up-and-play games, the new app Just Poppin’ may be just what you’re looking for. Developed by SnowStorm Software, Just Poppin’ is an easy to follow balloon-popping game. It’s simple enough for children to master, and playing the more difficult levels of Just Poppin’ is bound to challenge and improve your hand-eye coordination.

Just Poppin’ is a straightforward game that involves popping a series of colored balloons on the screen by tapping them. The balloons must be popped in a specific color order specified by a colored balloon in the upper right hand corner. The game progresses slowly in difficulty as the levels increase. More balloons and more colors are added, while also decreasing the time allowed to pop the right balloons. In order to reach the next level, you must attain a certain score, which is determined by how fast you can pop the correct balloons. If you miss a balloon or pop the wrong color, you get fewer points and end up replaying the last level. When you leave the app, your score and your place in the level system is automatically saved.

There are 60 levels in Just Poppin’, and the difficulty level increases slowly as the game progresses. The game play changes very little; the only variations are the difficulty level and the bonus rounds that occur once every 5 levels. Because the 60 levels remain mostly the same, the game play can become repetitive after a while. It would be great if the game had more variations in it. Just Poppin’ would be great for children and people who enjoy uncomplicated games that are easy to learn. The developer of Just Poppin’ has actually created a kids version of this game that is now available in the iTunes store for the same price.

Just Poppin’ is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 3.0 or later



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