iDrop Dead: Flower Edition – Bloody Good Fun

Price: $0.99   Rating: 8/10   By Daniel BischoffiDrop Dead: Flower Edition

iDrop Dead: Flower Edition is a physics playground from ttursas Ltd that gives you control over how teddy bears are disintegrated into candy and flowers.  Apparently, iDrop Dead’s previous revision was too brutal, and now ttursas has gotten the game out the door by making a handful of graphical tweaks.

iDrop Dead is a physics based game, which basically means that all of the challenges and gameplay is based around a reasonable model of world physics. You’ll be given limited control over your avatar and tasked with specific challenges, usually revolving around destroying the character with the perilous objects included around the map, which include boulders, saws, revolving machines, and burnable objects.

iDrop Dead is separated into four modes, all of which are essentially the same game, but with slight tweaks. There’s Normal Mode which is the only mode available to the player when they first start the game. You’ll learn all of the basics in Normal Mode and you’ll also unlock the other modes here too. As you play, you can unlock Free Play which removes the scoring, clock, and other limitations in Normal mode, Time Attack which challenges the player to race against the clock and score as many points as possible, and 1 Pull mode which gives the player 1 pull to start and the opportunity to earn more pulls by grabbing pull-coins.

Obviously, with Normal Mode being the only mode unlocked at the start, you’re probably going to spend most of your time there (as I did).  Normal mode allows you to choose from 6 different worlds (you unlock these as you continue to score more and more points), and each of those worlds is separated into specific maps. Each world is varied and the different maps do a good job of exploring the mechanics introduced in each. My favorite world was the last one, Bounce World. The trick there is that green objects repel the rag doll back up into the air. This made puzzles a bit more challenging than the other worlds.

iDrop Dead is an enjoyable physics-based game and it’s also very accessible, so if you need an introduction to the genre before you graduate to other rag-doll games, iDrop Dead will make a good transition. While the graphical changes do tone down the carnage, there’s no mistaking what’s happening to the rag doll as it’s broken down into its bits and bytes. That serves as a fair warning to the violence present in iDrop Dead (watch this Youtube video for an idea of what the game is like). With that warning out of the way, I can recommend iDrop Dead as a great time-waster and well rounded pick-up-and-play game.

iDrop Dead: Flower Edition is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone OS 2.1 or later.  This reviewer played iDrop Dead on the first generation iPhone (EDGE), but the developers recommend it be played on the iPhone 3G or 3GS.


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