Simplify Gift-Giving this Year with Holiday Gift List

Price: $1.99    Score: 9/10    By Sarah ParkerHoliday Gift List

For busy people on the go, list keeping iPhone apps are heaven sent. But the holiday season can make gift tracking frustrating if your list app is too complicated. Holiday Gift List, by Mobile Simplified, is an easy to use gift-tracking app that simplifies holiday gift giving.

Holiday Gift List is a straight forward gift list that is very user friendly. The main page has 4 categories: Family, Friends, Work, and Other. Each group allows you to track multiple people and multiple gifts. To add people or change names in each group, simply press the Edit button and make changes. The main screen can be customized to be more simple, showing only the name of the person in each group, or you can use the Details feature to view each person’s gift details from the main screen.

When you have set up the people you want on your gift list, you can then set the budget, and the gifts and prices for each person. To set the price of each gift, just write in the price after the item name in the description. The app will then keep a running tally of how much has been spent on each person.

Another nice feature of Holiday Gift List is the gift wagon icons. When you select “Still Shopping” for a person on your list, the wagon icon appears empty. When you are done buying gifts, check off the gift description and choose the “Finished” option. This will show the wagon icon filled with gifts, and let you know at a glance who still needs gifts and who doesn’t. Do you have snoopy friends or family members who can’t wait until Christmas? Put a lock on your Holiday Gift List by going to your iPhone’s Settings app and creating your 4 number passcode.

Holiday Gift List has a very simple design and intuitive interface, so it is easy to get your gift ideas put into the app without too much hassle. This is great news for busy people who have a lot of gifts to buy. And you can use this app for any holiday, not just Christmas. I like that the user can set a budget for each person and track their spending. This is a great feature, and may even keep post-holiday stress to a minimum.

Holiday Gift List is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 3.0 or later


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5 Responses to “Simplify Gift-Giving this Year with Holiday Gift List”

  1. yazmin says:

    Can both my husband and I have access to the list? Will it synchronize?

  2. Erik says:

    Great article. Please take a look at “The Christmas List” as well. You can see is a video demo of the app at

  3. sarahparker says:

    Yazmin, right now the app is made for just one user, unless you mind sharing the list. The app only has one passcode option, and there is no way to sync the lists. These are great ideas, though. You may think about suggesting these features to the developer to be added in future updates.

  4. Carolyn says:

    can you email the list for those of us that like a hard copy to be printed later?

  5. sarahparker says:

    Carolyn, Holiday Gift List does not have an export or e-mail function. The app is super simple, not a lot of extras. This may be something the developer could add in the future.

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