Seeing is Believing with Fusion Voicemail Plus

Price: $1.99    Score: 10/10    By Michael EssanyFusion Voicemail Plus

A productivity app that truly fits the billing of its category, Fusion Voicemail Plus provides one of those services that makes it difficult to remember how we previously got by without it. As a centralized mechanism for managing multiple voicemail boxes on your cell phone, Fusion Voicemail Plus allows users to hear, see, and read their voicemail messages.

Regardless of which carrier provides your service, the $1.99 app from PhoneFusion is available to smartphone users with any wireless data and text messaging plan. And it doesn’t matter how many voicemail boxes you have – mobile, work or home phone. Fusion Voicemail Plus collects them all in one mailbox accessible by a single password.

Other features include:

  • Receive Faxes on your cellphone number
  • True Caller ID Delivery on each voicemail even if the caller is not in the user’s phonebook
  • Send SMS (Text) Message to the person who left the voicemail directly from the application
  • Forward voicemails to other users on the system
  • Forward voicemail messages to any email account
  • Filter Options
  • Web Account Management
  • Voice-to-text Transcription

For the mobile user always giving a quick scan to their phone, color coding lends a helpful summary with only a brief glance. Red, for example, denotes messages marked for deletion. Dark Green is reserved for new messages, while light green is reserved for older messages.

Incredibly simple to use, Fusion Voicemail Plus is an ideal service for those with busy lives that require juggling a steady stream of mobile, home, and work voicemail. Although one wouldn’t expect the individual login times to add up, having a central location capable of managing all voicemail boxes is so convenient and efficient that you’ll simply have to see it to believe it.

Fusion Voicemail Plus requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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