Fandango Movie App Gets Two Thumbs Up

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For me, going to the movies used to be quite the online ordeal. I’d look up the few theaters nearby, search through their listings, read the synopsis and reviews, and because I’m a preview fanatic, I’d typically search YouTube for the trailer before deciding whether or not to go check out the film.

Now that I have Fandango on my Touch, the whole process is much faster! I never bothered booking tickets online before, but ordering tickets through Fandango is super easy as well.

To get a feel for how the app works, check out the Fandango website for showtimes and previews. This app is extremely easy to use. You can browse by “movies” or “theaters” by selecting one at the bottom. Under “movies”, choose from those in theaters, or browse what’s coming soon. You can scroll through the movies by what’s opening this week, what’s playing near you (which uses the core location feature), or what’s at the top of the box office. You can also add your most frequently visited theaters to “favorites” for easy access. Really, the only thing you can’t do is perform a search for a specific movie, although with all the other options it’d be hard not to find what you’re looking for.

Once you select a movie, you’ll see the rating, length, fan rating, and a short synopsis above the showtimes. If you’re like me, you’ll tap the play button to watch the full trailer. And if you want even more info on the film, just tap “movie details”, where you can read a full synopsis, see the cast and director, and browse through fan reviews and ratings.

When you choose a theater, you’ll see the full address and phone number, along with the option to view the location on Google Maps. You can also call the theater with one tap (but not from a Touch, of course!).

If the selected theater allows mobile ticketing, just tap “buy”, select the time and number of tickets, and enter your card info (which can be saved) or your Fandango account info, if you use the website.

Between the previews, the synopses and reviews, and the variety of ways to search for showtimes, it’s hard for me to imagine a theater app that does more than Fandango. Even at a dollar or two, I’d call this a steal. Free, it’s a no-brainer. The bottom line is, if you’ve got an iPhone and you go to the movies, why would you not download this app?

Fandango requires the iPhone OS 2.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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  1. Elliot says:

    This is a pretty good app. The one that I really like though is Showtimes. The basic layout is similar — Poster, ratings, theater distances, etc. The difference is in the ability to jump in and by tickets. It really only takes on click on Showtimes and you are immediately at the purchasing page with the time you want and directions to the theater only another click away. To do something similar in the Fandango app you have to do several clicks and that means more load times and more clutter. Do yourself a favor and check Showtimes out first

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