Eye Training: Who Says Staring at a Screen is Bad for Your Vision

Price: $0.99    Score:  8/10    By Michelle SchustermanEye Training Visual Edition

Games are fun, but I tend to like them even more when they serve a purpose in addition to mindless entertainment. Considering how much time I spend in front of a computer screen, a game that improves eyesight sounds like something I could use.

That’s exactly what the aptly named Eye Training app claims to be – created by Bulkypix, it’s a fun collection of games designed to test and improve visual analysis, reactivity, memory, and visual attention.

Eye Training starts you of with four short games that test you on each of those skills. After reading the brief set of instructions, I took the visual attention text and got what was deemed a “pretty good” score of 51%. The second test, which focused on reactivity and involved blocking a tennis ball, I failed epically with a score of 0%. This is mostly due to the fact that I breezed through the instructions and misunderstood what I was supposed to do.

I made up for that tragedy by scoring perfectly on the memory test. The last test was my favorite, a take on the old cup and ball trick – watch three boxes dart randomly around the screen passing a ball, and choose which box has the ball when they stop.

Once you complete these four games (which takes just a few minutes), your visual skills are displayed on a lovely radar chart, which is recorded on the calender so that you can track your progress. You can also access a progression curve to see how much you’ve improved.

Each of the four skills (analysis, reactivity, memory, and attention) has four additional mini-games to unlock, and every game has a normal level that must be passed before the expert level appears. The expert level of each game must be passed before another game is unlocked. Twenty mini-games with two levels each is a pretty good deal for a dollar in my book.

Does it improve eyesight? Well, my progression chart skyrocketed after I developed a temporary obsession with the reactivity test, determined to make up for my initial humiliation. (And I did, with a score of 97% in the expert round.)

The games unlock in a seemingly random way – passing an expert level memory test might open a game in reactivity. Every game I’ve played really is pretty fun, and I like seeing how much I’ve improved on the charts. Whether or not I’ve actually improved my eyesight…well, we’ll see how I do on my next driver’s license eye test.

Eye Training is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires OS 3.0 or later


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