Play Your Way Through The Inferno With Dante’s Devilz Food Quest

Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10    By Nancy JonesDante's Devilz Food Quest

Stoke them, fling them, grab the cake and just have fun.  Dante’s Devilz Food Quest, developed by Triple Treat Mobile Development is a hoot!  This classic arcade-style stacking game provides you with hours of entertainment.

With each level you have a new challenge. In Level 1, you stack up three Dante’s to get cake.  In Level 2 you have two levels to manage – which, somehow was easier for me.  I didn’t have as much trouble keeping them on their platforms.  Level 3, my favorite, allows you to fling the Dante’s around to push the cake down and earn points.

Creepy music, evil laughter and great sound effects work together to spice up the fun quotient for this game. I particularly enjoyed the sounds it makes when you stoke up the Dante’s. It is similar to the sound of bacon frying.  Just the perfect sound for the hellish environment.

Who is Dante? Dante is a demon-like character that seems designed for mischief. Using the iPhone’s accelerometer, you can keep Dante on his platform – or cause him to fall back in the pit with the others. As with any good game, using the settings, you can amp up the fun – and the difficulty – by switching from easy to hard modes. As I mentioned, the sounds account for a big part of the enjoyment. As you stack up two Dante’s in Level 1, the cake creaks down into your view and, if you are lucky and stack up the third Dante, it stays. However, if the Dante careens off another Dante, instead of stacking on top of each other, the cake disappears.

Even though Dante’s Devilz Food Quest has a classic arcade feel, it’s completely modern. Check out Dante’s Facebook page.

I have to admit, the mischievous side of me likes to fling the Dantes around for no particular reason. It’s just fun. As they say before some movies, there is only cartoon violence. There’s no suggestive or overly violent material in this game. Young children (or those young at heart) will have a lot of fun playing with Dante’s Devilz Food Quest.

My only suggestion would be to include (or link to) additional instruction pages – simple 1-2-3 type instructions.  Younger children or those who are electronically challenged might appreciate the assistance.

Dante’s Devilz Food Quest is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (second generation). Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

Dante Stoke 'Em upDante StokedDante Level 2Dante Main 2

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