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Price:  $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Sarah ParkerCamera FX BlackBox

One of the really amazing things about living in a digital age is the ability to edit your favorite photos and make them better. Digital photo enhancements have even become a widely recognized art form. Even if you can’t paint or sculpt, you can still create you own artwork through digital photo enhancements. Camera FX BlackBox, by the developer Artwerkz, is a photo effects tool that creates new photos, even artwork, from your old ones.

The concept of Camera FX BlackBox is very simple: you take a photo or choose one from your library, and the app automatically changes the camera filters and effects for your photo. The app simply runs through many special effects variations, with changes in saturation, hue and more, just like a slide show, and you pick the ones you like best. You can pause the process by tapping the photo or the pause button, and you can fast forward or rewind to other effects. The effects can also be changed by the accelerometer in your iPhone or iPod Touch, so tilting and rotating the device will add new photo effects to your slide show. Once you have found a special effect that you like, you can save this picture, e-mail it, or use it as wallpaper.

While the effects in Camera FX BlackBox are interesting and unique, it is difficult to control the effects and the rate at which they continue. The user interface is supposed to be intuitive, so there are no instructions for use. The controls are thus a little vague: the user has to guess what the controls are and how to use them. It would be great if the developer added some instructions and controls that were easier to understand and use. Camera FX BlackBox is a neat photo app, but it needs some a few little updates and improvements to make it great.

For a video demonstration of CameraFX BlackBox click here.

Camera FX Black Box is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch, and requires OS 3.0 or later.


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