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Is it self-help, poetry or lies? Whatever it is, BeingMeSucks, developed by Edward Chen, captivates you. With the same winning concept as Texts From Last Night and FMyLife, this app allows you to share your frustrations and disappointments while seeking agreement that being you does indeed suck. Did you do something embarrassing? Having problems with your marriage? On the other hand, have you been hit with a series of financial problems?

You can enjoy the catharsis of getting a problem out in the open (anonymously) and the validation of having others acknowledge your hurt and frustration. As the person whose life sucks, all you do is create a profile and then you are ready to post a short blog (less than 350 characters) letting people know why you deserve sympathy.

As the voyeur, sorry, I mean observer you read the stories and give them a thumbs up, “Yes, being you sucks,” comment on the story or you can share the stories with friends through Facebook or Twitter. One recent blogger wrote, “I got turned down for a job by a freakin’ postcard in the mail.” You sympathize immediately. I am willing to bet that has happened to a lot of people. Sometimes the stories evoke sympathy, sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes you say, “no way had that happened.” Whatever your reaction, new stories are loaded at the rate of a couple an hour. I expect this rate to increase as more and more people download this app.

You will find stories about work, love, money, embarrassment, health, family and the favorite catch-all, miscellaneous. Whatever part of your life that sucks – there is a category for you. Some stories are the beginning of an interesting story and you want to know what happens next. Some are happy or sweet. I am not sure if I think they are missing the point or if they serve as an antidote to all the pain and frustration of the other stories.

Social networking has become an integral part of our lives. This app gives us another venue to share our fears and troubles and get needed validation from others. BeingMeSucks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it delivers what it promises – an outlet for those in pain and an opportunity to feel a little better about your life.

BeingMeSucks is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. It is not suitable for children 12 or under due to mature themes.

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