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Price: $0.99   Rating: 8/10   By Daniel BischoffAces Balloons

Balloon Filler is a neat game from Concrete Software that forces a player to utilize their brains and dexterity.  There’s some strategy involved, but the gameplay mostly relies on a player’s dexterity, timing, and ability to control the game board.

Balloon Filler provides the player with a blank game board.  You have to then fill up two thirds of the space with balloons. Touch the screen and a balloon will immediately start to inflate.  The trick though is to avoid the balls that are bouncing around the board.

The bouncing balls will pop your inflating balloon, but they’ll bounce right off the ones you’ve already inflated.  That means that if you can isolate the ball, you’ll be able to inflate in peace.  Of course, you’ll also want to leave enough room to inflate large balloons.  You’re only given so many balloons before you start using up your heart points.  Heart points are also depleted when a ball pops your inflating balloon. Basically: be careful! You only have so many balloons, heart points, and the bouncing balls are always eager to deflate your efforts.

As you play and progress through the levels, you’ll start to develop a strategy and a playing-style that fits you.  For example, I focused on blowing up as big a balloon as possible right away, usually right in the center of the board.  This would allow me to separate the bouncing balls into smaller areas on the board.  Eventually though, your strategy will have to evolve to continue to pass levels.  When the board has eight balls bouncing around, it can be hard to inflate a large balloon in the limited amount of time you have before a ball comes barreling through.

Balloon Filler is easy to learn, but difficult to master.  After only a few levels, the challenge ramps up pretty quickly. Don’t get frustrated, it’s another iPhone game that’s all about beating your previous score.  That means you should always try to improve. With Balloon Filler, this is especially true, and playing over and over again isn’t a waste of time. Instead, it’s a learning experience.  I was stuck on level 8 for a while, but I learned that I could use the balloons I deployed early to deflect the bouncing balls and then take my time to fill up a larger balloon. What strategies will you discover while playing?

Balloon Filler is available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone OS 3.1 or later.


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