BabyGrow: Track Your Bundle of Joy’s Physical Development

Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10    By José Ralat MaldonadoBabyGrow

Developer Andy Molloy’s BabyGrow is a practical and entertaining way to chart the growth of your child. With colorful graphs, users can keep tabs on their offspring’s growth by weight, length and head circumference according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization standards.

The app allows users to monitor the physical progress of endless rug rats, from birth to 36 months by way of lists and charts for Weight for Age; Length for Age; Head Circumference for Age; and Height for Length. Users can send emails containing the details to beaming grandparents or the pediatrician. (Disclaimer: BabyGrow is for entertainment purposes only. Parents ought to consult their pediatrician if there is any concern about your child’s maturation.)

The fact that data are presented in the US and metric systems is beneficial, as pediatricians often provide height measurements in inches and head circumference in centimeters. The ability to include a photo of your child is a diverting way to include him/her in updating. (Babies seem to be captivated by the images of other babies.) Actually, as your child ages, BabyGrow is colorful and engaging enough to make updating the information with the progeny’s “assistance.” My toddler definitely enjoyed playing with the scroll bars at the bottom of each measurement screen as well as scrolling to the left and right when viewing the graphs, giggling as I talked him through the steps.

Other than English, the only other language option is Russian. However, the developer plans to include a Spanish translation in a future update. Also, the graph’s vertical axes list identical units. The presence of both, no matter what default unit settings, would be a welcome.

While the ability to add as many children a user would like, with adults having fewer whippersnappers than previous generations, a cap to that feature is advocated. It would be better to increase the age limit. I suggest 5 years, or until the child enters kindergarten. Another recommendation would be the inclusion of note fields, which could also be emailed to a physician.

These are minor flaws. BabyGrow is a fantastic app. Useful and fun, it is an alternative to marking up walls with pencil marks and those oft-confusing health-record worksheets provided by your doctor and riddled with chicken scratch reminiscent of ancient cuneiform.

BabyGrow 1.5 requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and  iPod Touch.


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