Agile Messenger with Updated Features – Now at $1.99 has just announced the released a new version (v1.3) of their award winning Agile Messenger for a limited offer of $1.99. Agile Messenger – already with Push and Multi-Chat Account functionality – now boasts a Walk-and-talk feature that which overlays your text over the iPhone’s live camera view, so you never have to take your eyes off your iPhone as you text.

The most notable feature included in this update is the ability to search contacts. If you are one of those with hundreds of contacts, then Agile Messenger’s contact search is just what you need to save you from scrolling through all your contacts.

Agile Messenger’s standard features include multi-media messaging technology, which enables users to send instant picture and voice messages from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC. Agile Messenger for the iPhone and iPod Touch also provides an always connected experience to end users by using the iPhone’s Push Notification.

Agile Messenger is available at a promotional price of $1.99 (from the usual price US 9.99) till the end of November.

To read our full review of the previous version of Agile Messenger click here.


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