Will You? Pop the Question On Your iPhone

Price: $1.99    Score: 7/10    By Michelle SchustermanWill You?

For guys looking to tie the knot with a girl who’s also in love with her iPhone, no worries…there’s an app for that.

Will You? is an app by Sanjin Celeski designed to do exactly what the name suggests: pop the question. In my opinion, this app could be used for the real deal (but I’d suggest thinking long and hard about that before doing it!), or it could be a pretty funny practical joke.

The app opens to a dark screen with a red, heart shaped box in the center. On the bottom left, barely visible, is an information button to choose your preferences. You can enter a name, the question (automatically set to Will You Marry Me?), and an answer (set, obviously, to Yes!). A test button allows you to see the pop-up text first. You can also design the ring by picking a white or yellow gold band, and a white, red, green, or purple stone. After that, you’re good to go.

When he or she opens the app, they can drag the lid (and the suspense) up slowly to reveal the ring, or just tap, and the box will open. Cue the string quartet playing the Wedding March…no, really, it starts playing. The pop up window opens with the question, and you’ll get your answer at the touch of a button.

Honestly, the graphics and sound are really nice. If your loved one is really into her iPhone, give it a try, and best of luck. But because you can change the message, this could also be a good gag. Guys, if you have a death wish, hand your girlfriend your iPhone and watch her open the little red box, wiping the tears from her eyes before the message opens: “Will you make spaghetti for dinner?”

This app doesn’t send the proposal as a text or email, it only functions on the iPhone or Touch it’s installed on. Since this is a very simple (albeit nicely designed) app, I think the price could come down a dollar. Overall, though, I’m sure some folks could put this one to both serious and not-so-serious use.

Will You? requires the iPhone OS 2.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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  1. This definitely shouldn’t be taken seriously, but it’s funny as hell.

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