Walkabout is Anything but Roundabout for Travelers

Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By Michael EssanyWalkabout

For serious travelers who live and die by their itineraries, there’s Walkabout from Jon Wiest, a welcome addition to the app store family.

Combining the tools to stay organized and the resources to remain informed, Walkabout is not as much a tour guide as it is a travel log. Allowing users to organize their trip by recording multiple points of interest – all of which can be plugged in as GPS coordinates – and logging notes and other information along the way, Walkabout can be helpful to travelers in several ways.

First, for any travel app to truly be worth purchasing there must be some tangible security functions at the heart of the application. With Walkabout, such criteria are met. For those inclined to get lost or a little turned around, Walkabout is a handy app to have at your ready. The app is incredibly efficient as both a tool for mapping out your location and recording your travels as pinpoints and GPS coordinates on a map.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a great sense of direction, Walkabout works just as well in times when you actually know where you are. If you’re out in the wilderness, for example, and taken back by a beautiful landscape, this app will let you log where you were, what you saw, and how to get back there in case you forget all the above.

In comparison against other travel-related apps Walkabout holds up well, particularly in that it offers a neat little package of useful and easy to use features:

  • Record multiple points of interest organized as trips
  • Export your saved journeys as Google Earth KML files
  • Quickly bundle, tag, and upload your travel pics to iPhoto
  • Log written or audio notes about your trip’s memorable moments

Best of all – or at least most fun of all – the “Trip Randomizer” function can help rattles creatures of habit from their boring routines by suggesting new paths of travel, places to go, or things to do, while all the while keeping you on time and according to schedule.

Although the app pats itself on the back for simplifying the export of your photos and audio notes, there’s really not much this app can do in this department that the iPhone can’t do all by its lonesome.

There’s nothing roundabout when it comes to Walkabout. It’s a straightforward application that achieves its goals without the distracting and otherwise useless bells and whistles of other so-called invaluable travel apps.

Walkabout requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is not compatible with the iPod Touch.


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