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For anyone who has a newborn, or is an expectant parent, staying on top of all the essentials of baby care can seem a little daunting. Between tracking diaper changes and feedings, as well as keeping tabs on medications, allergies, immunizations, and doctor visits, taking care of small children can be stressful at times. The new iPhone app Total Baby, from developer ANDESigned, is a huge help to parents and caregivers by helping them keep track of these all-important details with ease.

Total Baby is a monitoring app that gives parents or caregivers the tools to track activities of multiple children (even twins) under their care. To begin use of the app, the user must first enter the minimum data for the app to begin working: the name and birth date of a child. When the app is first opened, there is a pop-up screen of instructions guiding the caregiver toward entering this information. After this, the user can then add more children to the app if they choose. The profile for each child includes name, birth date, gender, weight, length, head size, and blood type. Each profile also has options for Diary entries, Milestones, and Doctor details. The Doctor entry option records doctor visits, growth, vaccines (there is a list of 12 vaccines to choose from), and allergies. You can even add a photo of your child and color code the profile tabs for quick identification.

In addition to child profiles, there are 5 main timers/tracking functions in Total Baby. These tracking functions are Diapers, Feedings, Sleeping, Baths, and Others. The Diapers function allows the user to track diaper changes and type of diaper. The Feedings category consists of a timer for nursing (with left/right side options), or an entry mode where the caregiver can simply enter in the the type of food eaten, the amount, date, and time of feeding. Sleeping records naps and bedtimes, while Baths chronicles dates and times for baths. The Others category is used to track anything that may not fall into the other 4 categories, such as medicine, hair cuts, spit-ups, and anything else you can think of. Can’t find what you are looking for? The Settings and Instructions for this app are found on the profile pages for each child.

The Total Baby app has some great features which can help caregivers tremendously. Total Baby keeps track of the amount of time since your child’s last feeding, bath, etc. and also tracks the number of days until your child’s next birthday. Each timer and activity list is separate for each child, and all entries are viewable on the main screen.  All of the day’s activities are also organized on the main screen by the time of day (early morning, morning, afternoon, and evening), making a recap of the day’s events easy to view.

Total Baby is a superb tool for any parent or caregiver of children. This app is great for parents with babies, but babysitters and caregivers of people with special needs can also benefit from using this app. Because the app is chock full of information, it can take time to learn how to navigate all of the features at first – but the time invested is time well spent. The price tag may seem a bit high at first glance, but Total Baby is well worth the money because of it’s versatility and number of options.

Total Baby is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.

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2 Responses to “Make Child Care Easier With Total Baby”

  1. Luigi Fulk says:

    Thanks for making the time to talk about baby care as well as kid’s concerns.

  2. a grandmom says:

    I am not finding Total Baby to be very easy to use.

    • I made errors inputting data and found it very difficult to navigate my way back to correct them.

    • I’m finding it impossible to follow the programmer’s instructions for synching to other devices.

    • It’s also really annoying that there’s no comparable computer app so that I can use a conventional keyboard for inputting data.

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