Do You Have What It Takes To Ride Out The Storm?

Price: $0.99    Score: 10/10    By Nancy JonesStorm Attack: Block Blasting Action

Storm Attack, developed by Rhock and Rholl Studios, captures your attention right from the beginning. As the blocks begin to drop, and storms rain down additional blocks you’ll be frantically trying to line them up and destroy them a la Tetris. A serious workout for the brain, Storm Attack and has managed to combine the punch of an arcade game with the mental challenge of a good puzzle.

Essentially, you drag falling blocks and stack them up to destroy them and gain ammo. Destroy five or fewer blocks and you lose ammo, destroy six or more and maintain ammo, destroy 10+ blocks and gain ammo. Make sure you blast the blocks before they reach the top of the screen. Sounds easy right? To complicate matters, every 60 seconds a ‘storm’ of blocks will rain down on your nicely constructed arrangement. Sometimes that assortment of new blocks helps you gain ammo and sometimes, it stacks up to the top …. Game over. If you think things are getting too easy, (I haven’t found that to be true yet) you can shake your iPhone and create your own storm.

The menu screen provides you with easy access to the game, instructions, settings, stats, online leader board and awards. What is a game without awards? Some of them are actually quite challenging, like “Favorite Color”. You have to clear your first 10 color clears from the same color. You can achieve bonuses by clearing all of the same color off the screen, clearing the entire screen and clearing a row. Some are easy to achieve and some, we’ll let’s just say I’m going to have to get a lot better at the game to achieve “Millionaires Club” – one million points in a single game.

In Storm Attack, you aren’t just playing against yourself. This app is integrated with the world community and you can post your high score and see how you match up to the other players. I am proud to say that I got up to the 44th high score last night. Sadly, my best score this morning and higher than last night only ranks 54th on the leader board. My competitive urges are stimulated and soon I’ll be back into the game and seeing if I can beat my personal best – and the other gamers.

In addition to competing against other players, you can also catch up on the latest news at the game’s twitter feed or at their Facebook page.

Fast, fun, addictive. It’s a winner.

Storm Attack is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.


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