SketchBook Mobile a Masterpiece All of its Own

Price: $2.99    Rating: 10/10    By Anna PapachristosSketchBook Mobile

Whether you simply enjoy doodling, or you’re an artist with a sudden surge of creativity, the SketchBook Mobile app by Autodesk is certain to come in handy.  Modeled after the SketchBook Pro software, this professional-style paint and drawing app is ideal for novices and experts alike.

Upon startup, SketchBook Mobile asks if you would like a quick tour.  This tour is a great way to become accustomed to how the app works as it takes you through all the most important functions of SketchBook Mobile.  You learn that tapping the bottom icon allows you to access the different tools, such as the 25 preset brushes and customizable color wheel.  To select a tool, you simply tap its icon.  Dragging the button in the middle of the tool selection screen to the left or right resizes your brush.

Double tapping each corner of the screen also has a useful function.  Tapping the upper left corner allows users to clear an entire layer.  For iPhone 3GS users, you can add up to six layers to your work of art.  All other iPhone iPod Touch users can work with up to three layers at a time.  SketchBook Mobile users can also import layers from their photo library or camera.

Tapping the upper right corner makes the canvas fit to the size of the device’s screen when double tapped.  Users can also pinch the screen to expand and contract the canvas size, as it is possible to zoom in up to 2500%.  iPhone 3GS users get another treat when it comes to canvas size, as theirs is 1024×682, while those with other iPhone and iPod Touch devices have a canvas size of 600×400.

The bottom left and right hand corners work as undo and redo buttons respectively, allowing users up to 10 levels worth of undo/redo.  Users can then save completed sketches or works-in-progress by tapping on the bottom icon to reveal the tool select wheel and the menu at the top of the screen.

By tapping on the plus sign (+) in the top left, users can save their current work.  The “Gallery” button allows users to view all their saved work, delete unwanted items, and export pieces to their photo library or email.

However, with all SketchBook Mobile has to offer, Autodesk has thankfully included a help button, marked by the question mark (?) to the right of the “Gallery” button.  Here, users can find a neatly outlined summary of every function Sketchbook Mobile provides and the steps to carry out each one.  This app offers so much, one must be careful not to doodle their day away!

For a demonstration of all that SketchBook Mobile is truly capable of, visit the Autodesk YouTube channel by clicking here.

Sketchbook Mobile requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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