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For serious Twitter users, there’s more to tweets than just idle chit chat about the line at the supermarket and what happened on Glee last night. Twitter is a network made up of hundreds of little communities where people can meet others with similar interests in jobs, TV, food, or in this case, music.

TwitMusic, created by Meta-Glamour, allows you to tweet the song you’re listening to on your iPhone or iPod Touch quickly. What’s the point? To share great music with others, and learn about new music you might love from other Twits, of course.

While you’re listening to tunes, open TwitMusic. The first time you use it, you’ll have to enter your Twitter ID and password, but the app saves that info. You have the option of tweeting any of the following info:

  • Song title
  • Artist name
  • Genre
  • Track number
  • Album title
  • Playback time

You can change the order that this info appears in your tweet by dragging. There’s a preview box underneath the list so you can see exactly how your tweet will appear, and a reset button to start over. The hash tag is set to #TwitMusic, which can be turned on or off. So can the title, which is set to say “Now Playing” but can be edited.

Once everything looks just right, tap done to see a screen with the album cover and the info you chose to share. Tap tweet, and you have one more chance to add a personal message, like a recommendation or your thoughts on the song and artist, or another hashtag. A number countdown at the top ensures you don’t go over 140 characters. Tap send, and you’ve tweeted!

That might sound like a bit of work for one tweet, but TwitMusic remembers your settings every time, including your account info, so tweeting songs is fast and easy. If the track you’re listening to changes, TwitMusic keeps up and changes with it.

I entered two tweets and headed to #TwitMusic to check them out. I was surprised at how many people were using this hashtag – it seemed to have a new update every few minutes. It’s fascinating to see what people are listening to, especially when they add their opinion to the tweet.

Once you’ve got your settings the way you want them, TwitMusic is a great way to send a tweet with just a few taps, and a fun place to meet and network with other music lovers!

TwitMusic requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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