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Price: $1.99    Rating: 7/10    By Anna PapachristosSex Offenders Search

Have you ever wondered how safe your neighborhood truly is?  While it is a sad fact, even the most seemingly safe towns in America are susceptible to crime and violence these days.  However, with Sex Offenders Search, otherwise known as SOS, by LogSat Software LLC, iPhone and iPod Touch users can scope out registered sex offenders and sexual predators in any area they live in or visit.

While iPhone users can activate GPS in order to acquire information about sex offenders in their present area, both iPhone and iPod Touch users can search by address, zip code, or using their contacts list.

Sex Offenders Search then brings users to an interactive map that marks the location of each offender using a tack. By clicking on a given tack, users can see the name and address of the offender.  To learn more about the offender, tap on the arrow next to the name to be linked to their picture, physical description and list of crimes. Users can return to map using the bottom menu bar.

You can manipulate and move the map with a swipe of their finger, allowing them to view different parts of the surrounding area.  The icon in the bottom left of the screen brings you back to the spot where you began your search.  Users of Sex Offenders Search can also access the names of local offenders in list format, ordered from closest to your starting search spot and expanding outward.

Sex Offenders Search may certainly come in handy for those with children or those looking to move to a new town.  Parents can scan nearby parks and the surrounding area to make sure their children are safe, while those moving can inspect their potential new neighborhood.

However, with LogSat volunteering the same information online, which one can access through the browser on their device, one has to wonder if the convenience of having such an app is worth the $1.99 when they can access it for free (WiFi connection pending, of course).

Sex Offenders Search requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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