Opus Gives You Greater Control Over Your Music

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When you’re on-the-run, it is always nice to have your iPhone or iPod Touch available so you can listen to some tunes while you work.  However, when you’re literally out for a run, messing around with the controls on your device can really slow you down.

With Opus from developer Muse Enterprises, users can access their entire music library, controlling all playback with the tap or flick of a finger.

Opus uses gestures to control music playback and settings – and all of these gestures are fully customizable. The default profile makes Play/Pause one tap, while accessing the menu is a double tap.  Users may flick right for the next track and flick left for the previous track, while flicking up increases the volume and flicking down lowers the volume.  To return to the menu any time during playback, simply touch two corners simultaneously.

With Opus, users are connected to all the music loaded on their device as if they were using their iPhone or iPod Touch’s built in music player, allowing them to view their playlists, artists and albums.  You can also create a new playlist with the “On the Fly” option, which allows you to go through each song on the device in alphabetical order and add it to a new list.

From here, users can then adjust their listening profile to best suit their activity.  You can choose to put your music on shuffle or repeat.  Users can also set the orientation of their screen, leaving it to automatically adjust when turned on its side, or forcing the device to remain on landscape mode

By initiating power save, users prevent the device from locking.  Touch lock keeps the device from recognizing accidental touches and can be set to unlock with the tap of two, three or four fingers on the screen at once.

Opus comes set on a default profile.  However, users can edit this profile, as well as create multiple profiles, one for each of your various activities, such as running, driving or working out.

With such intuitive, customizable and convenient controls, Opus is extremely handy and affordable for those who want greater control over their music.

For demonstrations of what Opus can do, visit www.muse-soft.com.

Opus requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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  1. Scott says:

    Just bought Opus, looks like just what I need for easy control of music when in dock in car.

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