NotifyMe – Push Event & Task Reminders to Your iPhone

Price: $3.99    Score: 10/10    By Joey BrightNotifyMe (Push Reminder)

Have you ever forgotten to check your daily schedule or calendar and ended up missing an important event because of it? Developed by PoweryBase, NotifyMe solves that problem by using the iPhone’s push capability to remind you of events and tasks as they are due to happen.

Using NotifyMe is simple. You launch the application, click the “new reminder” button and enter your new reminder. You choose a category from a list that includes todo’s, birthdays, TV shows and shopping reminders among others. You can also choose to repeat your reminder daily, weekly, every two weeks, every month, or even every year. You then can put notes on your reminder such as where it it taking place and at what time.

The settings in NotifyMe make it easy to change how you use the application. You can change the launch screen to either be the default screen, or to show upcoming reminder, past reminders, or recent reminders. The push feature, which is the most powerful feature of NotifyMe, can be toggled on and off if you choose. The settings can change the way your reminders are pushed to you by toggling categories on the incoming events, sounds, or the snooze feature. The snooze feature of the application allows you to delay a reminder by the time interval you choose in case you want to carry out a task later, instead of when the reminder is pushed. When you first launch the NotifyMe application, you are prompted to make an account. This account can be updated or changed in the setting panel.

I think that that the features of NotifyMe are simple and powerful enough to make it worth the $3.99 asking price. While the push feature can be toggled on and off, it is advised you use it. The push feature makes NotifyMe something more than just a listing of events or a calender-like application.

Having event and task reminders sent to you like a text message will help even the most forgetful people remember what they need to do for the day. The NotifyMe app does not replace a calendar application, but is instead a complement to it. While you can view past reminders, there is no way to view them in a calender fashion. If NotifyMe included some kind of calender, or was able to sync up with a calender application, it would be one of the most powerful productivity applications on the iPhone.

NotifyMe is a great application for people with a lot to do and little time to remember to do it. If you have ever forgotten an event, NotifyMe is for you.

NotifyMe requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A free lite version (non push) is also available on iTunes.


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