No More Drama, Get Your Perfect Haircut, With My Style

Price: $0.99    Rating: 8/10    by Nancy JonesMy Style

Do you feel like you are rolling the dice when you go for a haircut? Maybe you get what you want and maybe you don’t. What can you do to prevent haircut disappointments and disasters? My Style, by Dean Cox, could be just the app for you! My Style allows you to take pictures (using the “Capture Style” function) of your friend’s cuts, of models in magazines, or of someone on the street that has just the cut you want. With this information, you and your stylist can agree on the look that will be perfect for you.

It’s easy to use—and just a trace addictive. The “My Style” function allows you to keep a record of your own styles and stylist name. You can also create notes for the stylist about length and color. All this information will help you get the cut you want, just as you want, again and again. You can also keep track of multiple styles. You might have a summer and winter look – or a day and evening look. The “New Style” function is where you store your latest cut.

If Facebook is your daily companion, you can easily upload photos of your latest look. My only suggestion for this app would be to allow you to make the captured photos full screen size to make it easy for your stylist to see the details. The photos of your own look are sized appropriately.

I think it is well worth the cost. This app is clearly one that will save you money and heartache. I think it should appeal to all ages – men or women. You could use it to capture info about your own haircuts, or you could create styles for your children. My Style can be found in the lifestyle category but I think it could just as easily be in productivity – it can save you time, money and stress.

My Style requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone only.


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2 Responses to “No More Drama, Get Your Perfect Haircut, With My Style”

  1. Dean says:

    You can view you style full size. Just touch you photo in my style and it will be displayed full size.

  2. Nancy Jones says:

    Dean, the full size version of my style is great. What I can’t figure out how to do is enlarge the “captured” styles. How can I do that?

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