“My Sports Picks” App Proves a Winning Pick

Price: $0.99    Score: 8/10    By Michael EssanyMy Sports Picks - Football 09

Bound to be a hot pick for football fans is the new My Sports Picks iPhone and iPod Touch app from developer Okdub.

Combining both real football action with pretend betting, My Sports Picks is ideal for fans with ample expertise and a willingness to put make-believe money where their mouths are.

A simple app customized for the advanced football fan, My Sports Picks allows for easy tracking of the football games of your choice across the professional and college landscape. With a “wager” on the line, getting involved in the fun and competitive spirit of the game has never been more exciting – or frustrating, depending on the bets placed.

For me, the app is equally as useful as a means for keeping tabs on live NFL or NCAA scores. Whether I’m betting or not, the app keeps its users connected to the gridiron when the flat screen is out of reach or the cable goes out.

My Sports Picks at a glance:

  • Review the complete NFL/NCAA schedule which also shows the line and the over/under.
  • Select the game(s) you want to follow, adjust the line or over/under if you want, and place an imaginary sum of money on your pick(s).
  • Track your picks with the real time scoreboard.
  • Monitor how much “money” you’ve won or lost in real time.
  • Review stats and other historical data, including your own win/loss record week by week.

Overall, the app is a bargain for sports fans at only $0.99, but the developer would be wise to implement a support page or provide an email address for bugs, questions, or concerns in the future. The current method of posting a blog for this purpose should be revised in an update.

Otherwise, the look, feel, and functionality of this app is a touchdown for football fans everywhere.

My Sports Picks requires the iPhone OS 2.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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One Response to ““My Sports Picks” App Proves a Winning Pick”

  1. Football Guy says:

    I love betting on Football. The bad part is that I’ve lost about $ three this month. I think the most enjoyable part is doing the research and using research to find holes in the odds.

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