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Price: $2.99    Score: 8/10    By Michelle SchustermanMental Case Flashcards

Flashcard apps are arguably one of the most useful study tools available on the iPhone, and there are dozens available. For those with an account with FlashcardExchange, this app is a strong contender for flashcard study.

Mental Case Flashcards, created by MacCoreMac Software, is designed to compliment Mental Case for Mac, and works alongside FlashcardExchange to give you thousands of flashcards with images in an easy-to-use format on your iPhone.

It’s only fair to point out upfront that getting full use out of this app requires more than the $2.99 to download. While the app functions without the above mentioned programs, its use is limited. For Mac users who already have Mental Case, this app is a fantastic and simple way to get beautiful flashcards on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you have a Mac but aren’t sure about Mental Case, you can download a free 30-day trial to see if the $24.99 is worth the boost to your study habits. Discounts for family packs, teachers, and students are available. PC users and those without Mental Case can still make good use of this app by joining FlashcardExchange. For a free membership, you get access to thousands of flashcards in a wide range of topics that you can download to your iPhone. (These flashcards do not come with images, but you can add them through your photos on your iPhone later.)

You can also create your own flashcards on FlashcardExchange. However, exporting the cards requires upgrading your membership and paying a one-time fee of $19.95. I’m mentioning all of this upfront because this app is great for anyone serious about studying with a great flashcard program, but again, while the app functions alone, you’ll get much greater use out of it with Mental Case and/or a FlashcardExchange membership.

As for the app itself, Mental Case is a very powerful study tool. The flashcards are divided into “cases”, organized on the main menu. From here you can edit each card, changing or adding notes and images and including study times and due dates. To use the flashcards, choose “study” on the bottom and select a case. You can choose to play the flashcards like a slideshow, or tap left and right to flip the cards over. You can also easily reverse and/or shuffle the cards for a greater challenge.

Tap “exchange” on the bottom to choose from thousands of FlashcardExchange cards to download. If you’ve saved any flashcards to your favorites on the website, they are instantly available to download on your iPhone through Mental Case. If you have Mental Case on your Mac, syncing the two is as easy as one tap, a fantastic feature.

Overall, if you’re serious about finding a high-quality study aid, I believe the price is worth it for either Mental Case for Macs or a FlashcardExchange membership. And at $2.99, Mental Case Flashcards for iPhone is the perfect compliment to both.

Mental Case Flashcards requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone & iPod Touch


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