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Price: $3.99    Score: 8/10    By Nancy JonesiChartFlow

If you’re the kind of person who likes to create flow charts to help you plan tasks or understand processes then iChartFlow, developed by Silver Strings Inc., is an app you’re sure to appreciate. iChart Flow employs standard flow chart symbols and methodology, which allows you to create flow charts for pretty much anything you can think of.

Getting started is easy, first you name your chart. Then on the settings page, you can set colors of symbols, thickness of lines and turn the background grid off and on. While you can customize to your heart’s content, you don’t need to adjust the settings to get started.  You can start building your chart and come back later to edit your chart formatting.

After you’ve created your initial layout, you can add or delete tasks as you find it necessary. I found it helpful to create my larger tasks, move them around on the grid and wait until the end to add arrows or lines. After a chart is created you can also click a button to see an outline view of it.  I found this to be particularly helpful when I wanted to delete steps.

One important feature of iChartFlow is the ability to move the tasks around on the grid. To move a symbol around the page you just put your finger on the symbol you want to move and then you can place it where it belongs. You can create simple A to B to C type charts or you can create complex charts that have multiple decision points and options. You have the option of turning the grid off, setting it to lines or check board. Personally, I found the having the grid in place helpful as I moved tasks around the screen.

You can design, edit and save multiple flow charts. You can come back and edit your charts as often as you wish. My only suggested improvement would be to add the ability to email the chart to yourself – or other collaborators.

There are helpful instructions for iChartFlow at the Silverstrings website. What you don’t understand intuitively you will easily pick up by looking at the step-by-step instructions. Having said that – you will need to review the instructions. Once you have the hang of this app it is easy, but I have to admit I had a little trouble in the beginning. All of my clumsiness was resolved after spending a few minutes on the website.

You’ll find this a helpful utility for your business or personal life.

iChartFlow is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.


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