iBlackout – A Classic Dice Game on Your iPhone

Price: Free    Score: 7/10    By Joey BrightiBlackout

Developed by Pear Logic LLC, iBlackout is a game of chance based on the classic dice game Shut the Box. The premise of the game is simple – you have two dice, which you either roll by shaking your iPhone or by clicking the roll button. Your goal is to eliminate a row of tiles numbered 1-9 along the top of the screen by tapping the numbers which equal the sum of the two dice. Each number can only be used once, and once you’re unable to match the value of the dice your turn is over.

There are multiple round in iBlackout, and the winner is the one who can reach zero (or closest to zero) first. You start out with 45 points and the lower you can get your score, the better. I found that I was challenging myself to get a better score after only playing a few times through. Although simple and not graphically stunning, it is strangely addicting. The gameplay is easy to get into, and each game is nice and quick – taking only 2-3 min to complete.

iBlackout has multiplayer features, but it only supports local play – i.e pass-and-play on a single device. You can create multiple player accounts on your iPhone and then duke it out for the highest score. The downfall of the multiplayer system is the fact that it does not save the user names or scores of the people you create, making it slightly frustrating needing to type in a persons name again just to play another game.

Bottom Line: iBlackout is a nice quick game of chance that provides you with a personal challenge as well as the ability to compete against friends. While the multiplayer features could be expanded somewhat – a leaderboard and networking ability would be great additions – iBlackout is a free game and remains an enjoyable modern remake of a classic.

iBlackout requires the iPhone OS 3.o or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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One Response to “iBlackout – A Classic Dice Game on Your iPhone”

  1. Lbness says:

    I d/l and play it a bunch … simple clean and fun.
    Thanks to the developers great work it runs smoothly and quickly

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