GPS Tweet: Share Your Location on Twitter

Price: $1.99    Score: 9/10    By Michelle SchustermanGPS Tweet

Do you tweet compulsively? Is email an antiquated system in your mind?

If you live through Twitter, how about this: share your exact location, including a message and a link to the Google Map pinpoint of where you’re standing…all in under 140 characters, of course.

GPS Tweet, an app designed by Big Hill Software, lets you do just that. This app can be great fun for those who love letting their followers in on every move they make, but it can also be incredibly useful in an emergency situation, like getting lost in a new city or running out of gas on the side the road.

Open GPS Tweet, and you’ll see a large button in the center of the screen. Just tap it, and the app will use the iPhone’s GPS capabilities to locate where you are, from a bus stop on 5th Avenue to the slopes of Switzerland. If you’re using an iPod Touch, you must be in range of a Wi-Fi signal for your location to be triangulated using cell towers.

You can adjust the settings to your liking as well. Change the unit of measure from imperial to metric, set how long you want to give the app to find you (up to two minutes), and choose just how accurate you want the app to be by broadening the range from 13 feet (4 meters) to 1640 feet (500 meters).

Once GPS Tweet locates your position, you can send it as a tweet to all of your followers, or send and save. By saving the location, the spot is added to your favorites, accessible from the main page. If this is a spot you plan on visiting frequently, saving is a good idea.

For new locations, you can enter the name of the place, and feel free to be specific. This is exactly what will appear in your tweet, so writing a short message is fine. Enter your Twitter username and password, and that’s it! Your message, along with the Google Maps link, is tweeted to everyone and included under the topic #gpstweet.

If Twitter isn’t your thing but you like the concept, there are several GPS apps available in this line:

  • GPS Book (share via Facebook)
  • GPS Mail (share via email)
  • GPS Text (share via text message – iPhone only)

Each of these apps is available for $1.99. For a package deal, GPS Me for iPhone gives you all four apps for $4.99. Own an iPod Touch? The first three apps (minus GPS Text) are available as GPS Me for iPod Touch for $3.99.

This app is a fun way to let your friends know where the party is, but it could also really help you out in an dangerous situation. GPS Tweet is definitely a useful app to have on hand.

GPS Tweet requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch (second generation).


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