GPS Text – Texting Your Location Made Simple.

Price: $1.99   Score 9/10   by Steve GreenhalghGPS Text

GPS Text for iPhone from Big Hill Software is a neat little app that enables you to easily text anyone exactly where you are.

Have you ever been to a new cafe or restaurant that you’d love to go back to with someone special, but can’t remember where on earth it was? Perhaps you found an really nice picnic spot in a new park and want to let your friends know. GPS Text to the rescue! Using the save function, these locations can be added to a favorites list to easily look them up later.

GPS Text is really easy to use. Seriously, even my Dad could use it! Just open the app and there you’ll see a big central green button. Tap that button and GPS Text will locate exactly where you are, down to an accuracy of between 13ft and 1640ft.

You can alter this accuracy on the settings page which is accessible from the main screen via the little setting icon at the bottom left. Here you can also change the measurements between imperial or metric, and alter the time the app takes to find your location between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

Once you’ve been located, GPS Text will ask you to input a name for the location you’re sending or saving. It’s a really good idea here to think of something that makes sense to you and your friends as this will be included in the message you send. You can send or save from the same location as many times as you like for those of us prone to the odd spelling mistake or two. Your friends will receive a text message containing the name of the place you’ve entered, longitude and latitude co-ordinates as well as a really handy google maps link to your location.

When texting your location, the details are copied to your pasteboard within the app. GPS Text will then close and open up your messaging app. You just paste in the details and away you go. I told you it was easy!

However, if you’re a social networking guru, there’s good news. You can get GPS Tweet or GPS Book for Twitter and Facebook integration and update your profile with your all the same info that’s sent using GPS Text. Maybe you prefer email in which case GPS Mail would be the one for you. Each one of these great apps are available individually for just $1.99.

If you fancy using all the above then GPS Me for iPhone is available which has all of these features in one great app for just $4.99.  If you’re an iPod Touch owner, GPS Me for iPod Touch is also available from Big Hill Software for $3.99. It offers the same features as those above, apart from text, but you need to be in range of a WiFi network.

GPS Text is a great app that comes in really handy. Send your location in an emergency or just make sure all your friends meet in the right place for a change!

GPS Text requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone only.


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