Ghost Radar: Proves We Are Not Alone

Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10    By Rachel Hull Ghost Radar

Do you believe in Ghosts? Maybe you should.  Now with the Ghost Radar application, seeing is believing.

With living in an older home, I always wondered if we had “visitors”. So when given the chance to review this application, I couldn’t wait. One of the best features that Spud Pickles developed in Ghost Radar, is that it lets you take your search for answers as superficially or as scientifically as you wish. I enjoyed changing the app settings to see the varied types of data being recorded and analyzed.

To create its readings, Ghost Radar uses the iPhone/iTouch sensors to measure the “quantum fluctuations” surrounding you. The application will interpret this readout as blips on your screen, but also in numeric, text, graphical, and audio ways as well. With that in mind, the best tool for deciphering the readings are within its Frequently Asked Questions. The main website also does a great job to support and outline the different components available in this application as well.

With any investigation of the paranormal, the experience is on a personal basis. The best readings I received were when I left Ghost Radar on for awhile. Don’t fret about losing an eerie occurrence either. All read-outs can be emailed to you (or others) for posterity. Ghost Radar’s features also include the ability to turn the screen to black for a dark pursuit or bright white should you need a flashlight. And trust me, there isn’t anything more comforting than a bright light when you hear those “ghosts” in a dark room at night.

The biggest question here is obviously if I think it actually works. And yes, I certainly do. I was with every other skeptic out there but this application has done some unexplainable things. I have asked questions, and was answered promptly by it. It never mentioned names to me except for when I’ve asked. Another time, Ghost Radar was on and really active; words and readings going off the charts – but I was busy. I silenced the volume, and as I glanced back down it promptly read “ignore”. It went on to display the words “Native” and “Indian” as well as “food”, and “grain”. It was describing a bundle of Indian Corn visible through the windows of my front door. Additionally, I would feel a cool breeze, see my thermostat drop multiple degrees and have this app read “atmosphere”. I never experienced these room changes before using Ghost Radar.

Whether just for fun or during a paranormal quest, I think you’d really enjoy this. I’ve read the comments on iTunes, but would love to know how you’ve used this application. Remember to keep an open mind, and you may just get what you ask for.

Ghost Radar requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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160 Responses to “Ghost Radar: Proves We Are Not Alone”

  1. John says:

    I had a freaky thing happen with “Ghost radar” as well. I was texting my Girlfriend and had it on sitting in a chair, I didnt have the sound on but i did glance several times and notice several red blips that looked like they were behind me I guess, and saw words come up but didnt see what they were, when I finished my texting I looked at the words and there were three, they were “talking, girl, pretty” that really freaked me out

  2. emily says:

    i love this app! i didn’t think it would work but at times the answer and time it would appear is too much of a coincidence, i had the app running and saw a man walking near night with no shirt on, he looked the scary type, i said to my friend with me, look half naked old guy and straight away it said “dangerous” i was outside talking to the same friend later that night , she told me i should use it in this old, abandoned house across the road, i told her, in a joking way, i would only do that if i got intelligent response from one certain ‘ghost’ a few times, straight away it said ” Jonathon” and just now, it has been quite for a while and sitting here with a smoke, it said tobacco just as two blimps appeared :) just find that out of all the random words this thing could use, it is quiet a coincidence! also people say a iphone could not have the technology, but evp can be caught on any recording device as well as ghos pictures ect, so i don’t understand how people could think a phone wouldnt work.

  3. Mark Carter says:

    I believe that if there are spirits around they can manipulate any device to communicate. If a voice recorder can catch voices why not a phone, tablet or any device with very sensitive features. I was kind of in between skeptical and belief, until my dog came up to me like she always does when she is hungry, and at the same time ghost radar says “feed pet” I could feel myself go pale. The radar may be a little off but the words are dead on lol great choice of words huh. I had other things said that were more than a coincidence. I think ghost radar really works. I have had EVPs of a little girl and a women, when I ask who I was speaking to it gave me a name instantly. Also I emailed spudpickles for more info on the program and to my surprise they answered back within a few hours. I know that does not prove if the program works or not but that does say alot about the Co. For fun or for real, its worth the $.99¢.

  4. Mark Carter says:

    Also it works with android to….

  5. Ektor Galiccia says:

    I just downloaded the free version a couple of hours ago and decided to just sit there and w8.I was drawing some random cpictures and I heard the app say “music”,I was scared out of my pants bc I hve 3 guitars and saw the connection between “music” and my guitars(this happened a few minutes after turning the app on).arter a bit I was still thinking of what happened so I asked lowly “do you like my music” and my iPod (wich was sitting on the bed) showed the name “Joe” I laughed because my acoustic guitars serial number hase a section that says J-(cer0)-e…”j0e” and that’s pretty cool.i don’t know if it was just a coincidence but can anyone show me proof that the app is legit.?? Just so I cn know I’m not the only one thats freaking out here

  6. Tonya Hart says:

    I was skeptical of this app when I first downloaded it but I definitely got a lot of weird but interesting things on it. My mom passed away in January and for the most part I was talking to her. During one investigation the name “Dawn” came up, that’s my middle name. It caught my attention and I think that was the intention of doing it. Afterwords it said “Represent, Next, Dr, Possibly” Then it said “Edward” Well, at that time I was reading the Twilight series and a ghost showed up right by my book on the radar. I didn’t think much of it until the next day I opened the book to find my moms obituary card in there. I forgot I was using it as a bookmark. Well, she died of Cancer so 3 of her cancer doctors names were on that. I still haven’t figured out what it meant. Another time I was in my room and it said “Sing” Well, I’m a singer so I sang. It said something about my singing so I stopped to look and it said “Don’t” so I kept singing. When I stopped it said “Frozen” so outloud I said “Oh was my singing that good?” Then it said “Positive, favorite” I’m sure it was my mom. Another time my friend Corrine was over and she was getting freaked out because it kept naming things that were around like “Milk, Hat, Needle” My milk was on the table, my moms hats were on my hutch and my sewing needles were on my dishwasher. So I told her not to worry cause it was probably just my mom. Then the device said “Worry, Mother” There’s many other things that happened on this device, I believe it is real and it works.

  7. Colleen says:

    I haven’t gotten the legacy version, but have used the free version, which just has a scanner and readouts. It seems like the $1 price is worth getting the app.

  8. Justin Smith says:

    Okay yesterday my sister downloaded this app on her ipod touch and a blip showed up and it said “Harry, Halfway, burn by gate” i’m not sure but i think there may have been a fire and it killed this man before i lived here

  9. Neil says:

    What if the ghost doesn’t speak English?

  10. Delaney says:

    This app is really creepy. I just got it today and haven’t really looked at it, but once when I did I was sitting and I just plugged my iPhone in, which was low on charge. Then I saw a green dot that indicated the other side of the room. I said, “Hello?” and it suddenly appeared next to me and I felt something slightly push me. Then it said CHARGE. I said, “Charge? What?” and it replied BRING. My mom came in and I was embarrassed so I turned it off. When I got it back on the dot was gone. I soon explained it to my mom, who didn’t believe me, and I gave it to her. She asked questions, but it didn’t do anything. I took it back, disappointed, and almost immediately the dot appeared in the same place next to me. I showed my mom, who still didn’t believe it, and afterwards it disappeared again. I’m too scared to look at it now. 3:

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