Sharpen Your Mind With Finger Physics

Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10    By Joey BrightFinger Physics

”Physics” games are numerous on the web and have been for a while now. Soon after the iPhone was released, a number of physics-based games made their way onto the platform while taking advantage of the touch screen. What makes Finger Physics stand out from the others from the outset is the variety of challenges that it offers.

Developed by PressOK Entertainment, the objectives of Finger Physics vary from game to game. There are three primary game modes to choose from; Egg Mode, Lawn Mode and Lunar Mode.

“Egg mode” takes an egg and a basket and places them in the level. The egg is trapped and your aim is to get it into the basket. You can achieve this by destroying obstacles in the path of the egg, navigating the egg into the basket. This is by far the most unique mode in Finger Physics and I found it to be the most challenging.

”Lawn mode” tasks you with making a stable construction using only the objects provided. You’re given a number of shapes of differing sizes to achieve the goal – triangles, squares, rectangles, circles. The building must remain standing for at least five seconds to complete the level. Lawn mode is probably the easier of the 3 game modes, as the  shapes that are relatively easy to fit together. This game mode has been seen in previous flash and iPhone games, but Finger Physics keeps the basic formula which keeps the game mode fun and challenging.

The third and final game mode is “Lunar mode”. The goal of this game is fairly similar to the style of play in a game like Topple. You have to construct a building up to a certain line by stacking blocks on top of one another, and make it balance beyond that point for five seconds. The higher your tower, the higher the score you achieve.

Each game mode has different objectives that are easy to understand but I found that the difficulty of actually achieving those objectives varies a lot – some are incredibly hard! Difficulty in Finger Physics is generally dictated by what level you are at. There are nine tiers, each with nine levels in them. Every level is one of three game modes, and the difficulty of the level increases as you get to higher levels. The goal in each is to achieve at least a bronze star, but silver and gold stars are also up for grabs if you score high enough. In each different game mode your score is calculated from different factors, so mastering one game mode will not mean you master the game. Your score is important if you plan on utilizing the multiplayer feature of Finger Physics.

Finger Physics takes advantage of OpenFeint software to connect its users. OpenFeint has achievements built into it, which will extend the fun of this game for all you achievement hunters. The software also allows you to connect with your friends who play Finger Physics. You can find friends using either Twitter or Facebook.  The achievements are open even to players without friends making the OpenFeint software valuable even to users without friends who own Finger Physics.

The Finger Physics interface is easy to use, the graphics are basic but colorful and the gameplay is simple but has depth in its difficulty. Social gaming is slowly becoming part of all iPhone games, and PressOK Entertainment have done a great job of integrating these features into Finger Physics with achievements and scores. If you are a fan of Crayon Physics, Topple, or other physics-based games, Finger Physics is well worth a look.

Finger Physics requires the iPhone OS 2.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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  1. steph says:

    I love this game! It’s challenging and fun, can’t stop playing.

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