Enigmo 2 Improves Upon One of The Best iPhone Games of 2008

Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By Erik NummelaEnigmo 2

Enigmo 2 is an addictive puzzle game, developed by Pangea Software, Inc. The game boasts both beautiful, 3D graphics as well as fun and engaging game play.

In the first installment of the series, Enigmo, it was your job to guide the three different, colored, droplets in to their respective containers. To do this you were given puzzle pieces with different dimensions and properties, each having its own specific purpose. Using these pieces you had to maneuver the droplets through the map, activating switches and sensors along the way, until you filled all the containers.

In Enigmo 2 this basic formula has not changed but almost everything else has. Firstly only the blue droplets remain. The others have been replaced by laser beams and plasma droplets; each of which has its own specific property that limits which puzzle pieces you can use to guide their paths. Another change in Enigmo 2 is the role gravity plays. Activating certain switches on the map makes its value zero, creating a new element to the game play. The biggest change of all, however, is that Enigmo 2 is played in full 3D. In Enigmo you only had to guide the droplets in the vertical (x) and horizontal (y) axes. In Enigmo 2 some of the puzzles require you to manipulate the droplets and laser beams in the z-axis as well, adding a new kind of depth to the gameplay.

The game packs in fifty fun and challenging levels; the first of which offer an introductory experience and, as you progress, they become increasingly difficult. Enigmo 2 expands on the award winning game play that the original offered, making it an even harder game to put down.

Graphically Enigmo 2 has stunning 3D visuals with vibrant colors and beautiful effects. What’s even more impressive is that performance wasn’t sacrificed in any way for graphics. Even when things get really intense, like when the screen is filled with lasers and plasma droplets, you will barely notice any frame rate issues.

The only real problem I had with the game was controlling the camera in 3D. It just so happens that I made the mistake of not reading the instructions before I played (which I never do). Don’t be like me; take just a few minutes to learn how to use the controls before you play and you’ll be fine. After doing this I quickly got used to controlling the camera and it became almost second nature to me.

Enigmo 2 is a fresh and creative successor to the first entry in the series. Its solid game play and dazzling 3D graphics make Enigmo 2 well worth the price.

Enigmo 2 requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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