Elven Chronicles: Classic RPG for Your iPhone

Price: $1.99    Score:  10/10    By Sarah ParkerElven Chronicles

Elven Chronicles, developed by Big Blue Bubble, is a classic role-playing game (RPG) for the iPhone. Elven Chronicles has a lot to offer players who enjoy in-depth mobile gaming. Elven Chronicles follows a young knight named Rogan as he fights evil and completes quests in his travels across a fantasy landscape. Rogan is accompanied in his travels by a good witch named Jada, who joins in his quests and conflicts.

Elven Chronicles incorporates many elements of classic role-playing computer games, such as character attributes and enhancement, resource statistics, turn-based game play, and a fantasy game-setting. Rogan and Jada gain new skills, new weapons, and new levels of experience as they complete quests and take on mythical creatures. While only Rogan’s character is moved through the set, both Rogan and Jada fight creatures in turns.

The player can move Rogan about the screen almost wherever they wish. Most iPhone games are pretty superficial, but Elven Chronicles has a great depth to it: each level brings new creatures to fight and greater difficulty in altercations. There are many levels of play, but there are also many levels of experience for Rogan and Jada to complete before being able to pursue new quests. Numerous creatures abound, including Spiders, Scorpians, Slimes, Elementals, and Golems. Each creature reacts a little bit differently to each weapon or magic, making the game play challenging. The level of challenge continues to increase as the game progresses at the player’s pace.

The included instructions are well written and easy to understand, so the game is fairly easy to play. Once you have a little experience playing the game, the game is quite easy to navigate. The graphics are well designed and are nostalgicly reminiscent of old-school video game classics like The Legend of Zelda.

The story line in Elven Chronicles is rather short, giving you more time to play and less time “chatting” between characters. It would be nice if the map had a little more detail, but, of course, space restrictions on an iPhone screen probably make this difficult.

Bottom Line: Eleven Chronicles is a great game for any RPG fan. There are many levels, quests, and magic powers that make this a fun and challenging title. 

Elven Chronicles requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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