Drool Radio Not Much to Salivate Over

Price: $4.99    Rating: 5/10    By Anna PapachristosDrool Radio

With your iPhone or iPod Touch comes much room for your ever-increasing iTunes music library.  But no matter how far your music collection spans, there are always those times when shuffle just doesn’t cut it and the only solution is radio. One option, though slightly pricey, is Drool Radio by DroolApps.com.

DroolApps.com boasts about its innovative, retro-looking radio design and various features, which do make this app seemingly attractive.  Drool Radio claims to have a large selection of high quality streaming internet radio stations, which allows users to listen to their favorite local stations anywhere there is a WiFi connection.  Stations are updated continually, at which time users are notified and asked if they want to download the latest additions.

However, in perusing Drool Radio, it appears that these stations are only pulled from a minimal selection of regions in the various states and countries available.  Users are able to find stations through either free-text search or browsing by region and genre, but only what is currently streaming in the particular area you specify upon set-up will turn up.

Drool Radio does include some more appealing characteristics, though, that make it more attractive.  For instance, users can change the display to one of five different color choices, as well as adjust Drool Radio to act as a radio alarm clock.  Users can even alter the settings so they can fall asleep to the radio and have their device turn off after a given interval of time.

The tuner wheel is Drool Radio’s unique, most eye-catching aspect since it gives the app a retro appearance and allows users to turn the dial to sift through stations.  Under settings, users can even enact the retro-tuner static sound effect, which enables an old-fashioned tuner static sound while turning the wheel.

But when it comes to the $4.99 price, Drool Radio just doesn’t quite measure up.  DroolApps.com offers a free version of the very same app, with only a few less necessary capabilities left out.  They claim the free version has a smaller variety of stations, but there is no need to pay for something that you aren’t going to even receive upon payment.

Unfortunately, with so few stations to begin with, it is much easier to download the free version of Drool Radio and, if it does not happen to connect with your favorite streaming station, simply access the radio’s website through Safari and listen to your favorite music without shelling out a dime.

To view a demonstration of how Drool Radio works, click here.

Drool Radio requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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