Do It: Helpful Homework Task Manager Handy for Busy Students

Price: $1.99    Rating: 9/10    By Anna PapachristosDo It

Students have a lot on their minds these days.  With work loads and expectations increasing as the years pass, remembering project due dates and keeping assignments prioritized has become a task all on its own.  But with Do It by John Doherty, students can organize their busy lives with an app that makes the traditional assignment pad obsolete.

With its clean and simple interface, Do It, an app appropriately developed by a student, provides all the desired features a student could possibly want. With its clear cut, intuitive format, Do It makes it easy to sort through, find and add to your assignment list.

Do It breaks down everything into labeled and organized lists.  Users can view all assignments due, those due soon, by class or type, and those completed.  Students enter their class information, listing their assignments as necessary.  Each assignment can then be given a ‘type’, falling under the categories of homework, project, reminder or test.  Students can also breakdown projects into subtasks to help them organize their bigger jobs efficiently.

Adding assignments is also simple with Do It’s navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.  By clicking the icon in the bottom left corner, users are taken to the add page, where they can enter the full details of their given assignment.  Here, they can title the assignment, label its type and class, estimate the time it will take to complete and rate its priority and difficulty.  The quick add button in the bottom right corner allows students to easily jot down assignments and return later to input the rest of expand on the details.

Best of all, students can use Do It to sort assignments by priority and due date, something that is much harder to arrange in a typical assignment pad.  Students can also manage the app’s settings, deciding which assignments are shown by how many days remain until they are due.  Students also get to chose how long before Do It hides and/or removes completed tasks.

Though geared for students, an app of a similar nature could be just as handy for business people, parents and anyone who leads exceptionally busy life.  For a demo of Do It, visit their website at

Do It requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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