“Awaken” to an Alarm Sound You Actually Like

Price: $1.99    Score: 9/10    By Daniel BischoffAwaken

Awaken is an app from Embrace software that allows you to select from lots of different options for your morning wake up.  In fact, it’s a pretty sleek little alarm clock that adds a lot more features than the clock currently available on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The first thing you’ll see when starting the app is a clock with the time and date. If you slide your finger up or down on this clock you can raise or lower the brightness of the screen.  Pretty simple, but the brightness adds a touch of user control which is always a nice thing.

At the bottom of this screen are different menu buttons. The second of which is “Alarm.”  Here you can create new alarms, edit existing alarms, or delete ones you don’t need anymore. Creating a new alarm allows you to select how often the alarm will repeat itself, whether you want music or a tone to play, the volume of the alarm, and a name for the specific wake up.  I chose to set my alarm to a song so my wake-up is a little less harsh than the typical buzzing and beeping.  When your alarm finally goes off it’ll have a large SLEEP button in the middle of the screen, a smaller button to shut off the alarm, and controls for your music playlist so you can skip to the next song as you rise.

Awaken also has a Sleep Timer in case you like to take naps and want to make sure you wake up in time for work in twenty minutes or two hours.  You can choose either a sound or music for the timer alert, just like with the alarm.

Tapping over to the final menu button opens the settings screen.  Here I learned that Awaken allows you to shake the iPhone to activate a flashlight screen.  This is like the typical flash light apps you find on the App Store, but it’s nice to see the developers considered all the different times of night that people will be waking up at.  You can also choose from a digital clock face to that of an old-fashioned flip clock.  Finally, there are plenty of options for fading in and out the music, how long the sleep button delays the alarm for, or even if you want your playlist to shuffle when the alarm eventually does go off.

For the price, Awaken has more than enough options to make the competition in alarm apps decide to sleep in.

Awaken is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. It requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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