Access Your PC or Mac From Your iPhone With LogMeIn Ignition

Price: $29.99    Score: 7/10    By Shaun CampbellLogMeIn Ignition

Developed by LogMeIn Inc, LogMeIn Ignition transforms your iPhone (or iPod Touch) into a remote platform for accessing your PC or Mac from any location.  While of limited use in the everyday consumer setting, LogMeIn Ignition offers secure and remote access to files for business and professional customers.

You’ll need a LogMeIn account to get started, and a basic one is free – but you may need to consider an upgrade to the Pro account if you want to access advanced features (such as file transfer). The basic account gives you remote access to machines running Mac OS X, and PC’s running Windows XP and Vista. The Pro account however, only permits access to Windows-based PC’s. This is an important point to note, as Mac users who purchase LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone will be unable to access to the following additional features provided by a Pro account that do not come included in the Basic account:

  • File sharing
  • Remote to local Printing
  • Drag & drop file transfer
  • Desktop sharing
  • Diagnostic toolkit

The app itself is straightforward to use – you get started by entering your LogMeIn account details and logging in online to access your remote machines.

LogMeIn Ignition overcomes the obvious difference in screen resolution between the home computer and the iPhone’s display using familiar pinch-zoom controls to zoom in and out. It works reasonably well. From your iPhone, you can also temporarily decrease the resolution and color depth of the remote computer to improve performance.  The controls themselves are familiar and intuitive – double tap to right click, double finger slide to scroll. You can choose to move the ‘mouse’ manually, or you can opt to have the mouse pointer stationary in the middle of the screen and move the desktop around behind it.

LogMeIn Ignition is on the expensive side ($29.99), but offers excellent remote desktop access from your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you’re a Mac owner – check first what kind of remote access functionality you require, as your needs may not be supported.

LogMeIn Ignition requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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