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Price: $7.99     Rating: 9/10     By Anna PapachristosFREE Spanish Essentials by AccelaStudy®

As people grow older, learning a new language becomes increasingly difficult.  But with AccelaStudy Spanish, the award-winning software for iPhone and iPod Touch from Renkara Media Group, Inc., learning Spanish vocabulary and increasing fluency is only a few taps away.

Recently featured in CNN’s technology column, AccelaStudy Spanish provides users with 2,400 unique and useful words that will enhance the learning of students, travelers and anyone who wishes to speak and read the language better.  With a vocabulary selection ranging from colors to seasons, months to weather, and everything in between, users will also benefit from the recent addition of 250 commonly used verbs.

AccelaStudy Spanish presents an intuitive and clean-cut interface that makes interacting with the app a breeze.  Professional translations and high-quality audio files recorded by a native speaker not only help users expand their vocabulary, but also teach proper pronunciation.  Every time a word appears on the screen, you automatically hear the word pronounced and can repeat the recording as many times as necessary by tapping the audio icon in the bottom left corner.

With study sets, users can organize exactly which words they want to study.  They can study all the available words at once, sort by category or customize their own set of desired words.  The search option also lets you look for terms in either Spanish or English to find matching words.

The flashcards option allows you to sift through various words in either alphabetical order or shuffled.  Given the word, users test their knowledge and then tap the screen when they are ready to reveal the answer on the back of the card and see if they were correct.

However, with AccelaStudy’s spaced repetition, this option allows more focus on the words they do not know instead of wasting times with words they have already mastered.  With the ability to mark whether you have guessed the word’s translation correctly or not, this alternative weeds out what you need to work on further, repeating those words more often so you get more practice.

After adequate studying, there are two types of quizzes you can take.  The regular quiz option requires users to match the given word with the correct translation, providing immediate feedback by marking the selection green if you are correct and red if you are wrong.  The audio quiz is similar except users are required to match the word they hear to the correct translation instead of matching written words.

You can stop your study session at any point and comfortably resume in the same spot upon their return.  The statistics option also allows users to review their comprehension by tracking their progress in all vocabulary categories.  And while AccelaStudy Spanish only focuses on vocabulary and provides no writing or verb conjugation practice, it certainly surpasses many of its counterparts in the scope of its vocabulary library.

AccelaStudy Spanish requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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