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5 Will You? App Promo Codes to Give Away!

TweetThe iPhone App Review in conjunction with developer Sanjin Celeski are pleased to offer readers 5 free copies of the Will You? (marry me) iPhone app – the creative way to pop the question! Codes are redeemable through iTunes via the US App Store. Please do the right thing and leave a comment below to […]


Arcade Claw Machine Action for Kids With DollGrabber

TweetPrice: $1.99     Rating: 6/10     By Anna Papachristos There’s nothing more frustrating than trying your luck at one of those claw machines they have in the mall, only to have wasted your quarters and still not snag that stuffed animal you wanted. However, with DollGrabber, the first app by O.A.T mobile, you can enjoy the same […]