Tumblebugs – Now On iPhone!

Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    by Steve GreenhalghTumblebugs

Connect2Media have just brought Tumblebugs to the iPhone and what a great game it is!

Based on the number one web game played by over 35 million people, this starts off with a simple goal of scoring points by matching at least three like-colored bugs in a row.

Of course things are never this simple. There’s an evil bug lurking, and he’s trying to push all the nice colorful bugs underground. Your job is to use your super-bug to shoot his own little critters to try and get your three bugs in a row. If you make a line, they disappear, shortening the queue. If you can do this with all the bugs before the evil one pushes them underground you win!

The idea is simple, but with 78 levels, 2 gaming modes and superbly detailed graphics, Tumblebugs is a great game all round. With the ever increasing difficulty and ingenious power-ups you’re never going to want to put this down. There’s also the added bonus of being able to play your own tunes right within the game.

You’re a super-bug on a journey through the garden with various settings from hose-pipes to drills and watering cans to plant roots. Tumblebugs start on a fairly easy level which you’d be hard pressed to lose, but it does get more and more difficult from there on and the evil bug speeds things up the further you progress. Of course if you quit the app at any time, it saves your progress and you return to the level where you left off.

There are many ways of increasing your score, not just from getting more than three bugs in a row. There are time bonuses for completing the level as fast as you can, and more for completing a few levels in one sitting. You can also post your score on facebook, so if your friends have got an iPhone you can boast about your higher score. If they don’t have Tumblebugs yet, there’s a neat link on the start-up screen that opens your mail account so you can mail them a link to Tumblebugs in the app store, all within the game – genius!

Overall, with amazing graphics, simple gameplay and added features Tumblebugs is as addictive as it gets. Buy it at your peril!

Tumblebugs is available for iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone Os 2.2 or later


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