Tri-Ominos Brings the Classic Game to Your iPhone

Price: $1.99    Rating: 9/10    By Sarah ParkerTri-Ominos

Based on the time-honored family favorite, the Tri-Ominos application is much like the original game, only smaller and portable. The original creator, Pressman Toys, in conjunction with Red Hot Apps, has developed this great version for 21st century game players. The trademark logo and slogan let the user know that they are playing an original Tri-Ominos game backed by the original creators.

First produced in 1968 as a twist on the classic Dominoes game, Tri-Ominos consists of triangle shaped tiles with numbers on each corner. The player tries to match two numbers on their tile to the other tiles on the board. The first player to run out of tiles, or the first to score 200 points wins the game (whichever comes first). The game play is basically the same as that of the original Tri-Ominos, except that the game is shortened and only one person can play against the computer.

The play instructions are brief but well written and easy to understand. Touch controls are used to move the tiles to their places on the playing board and to rotate the tiles. Unlike the original game, there is no way to cheat when playing on the iPhone. A tile cannot be placed anywhere it does not belong. It is also the player’s responsibility to know when they have a playable tile, because the game never tells you when you have a playable tile in hand. The game does not keep you from drawing tiles from the well even if you have a playable tile, so you really have to keep track of your tri-ominos. This keeps the play real and keeps players from relying too much on the computer to do their thinking for them.

Tri-Ominos is a very fun and challenging game that has become one of my favorites. There are, however, two things that I think need to be added to this game. First, placing the tiles on the board next to other tiles can be a little difficult at times and may take a few tries. Also, it would be nice if the game was saved for you when you exit to the iPhone main menu. Except for these minor changes, I think this game is very well designed and great to play.

Tri-Ominos requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch


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